Ready kits carved candles

Do you want to do what You love, to experience aesthetic pleasure and at the same time to work for yourself? Buy a fascinating hobby for the whole family and turn it into a source of additional income?

For your convenience we have divided into 2 sets of the form: "Standard" and "Hobby".

Carved candles are not only a beautiful hobby, but also a great option for a family business. The manufacture of carved candles has many advantages. A rare type of business that does not require large investments, which can be started with several thousand hryvnias. Secondly, you can learn to make carved candles quite quickly. And do not be afraid if you have modest creative abilities or your hands are “not from there”;) After going through our master class and training for only a few days, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.In addition, the production of carved candles does not require a separate office or workshop, does not require large areas and sophisticated equipment. This business can easily be carried out at home.

The indisputable advantage of carved candles as a business is the unsaturation of the market. This niche is not yet occupied, there are few competitors, the product is not presented in retail chains. 60% of sales are in the winter months due to the New Year holidays, and sales growth will please you in February (Valentine's Day) and March (March 8). Autumn is the time " to cook the sled ".The rest of the time, you can concentrate on wedding salons, because such candles are becoming an increasingly popular wedding decoration. In addition, do not miss exhibitions and fairs! You can present your products brightly and colorfully if you bring equipment with you and you will create your masterpieces in front of an amazed audience.

Well, and do not forget about the most important advantage - the sheer pleasure of the process. Get your favorite hobby and don’t work all your life :)Want to learn how to make carved candles? Would you like to have a beautiful hobby, which can also become an additional source of income? Dreaming about your own business? Only now you have the opportunity to order materials for making candles and get training for free.