About company

This business for soul we had planned, had been searching for a long period and found it in 2010. The case was related to the handmade candles manufacturing. We fell in love with it immediately and unconditionally.

Burning candle is a small miracle ... Fire is the most mysterious element, it has been attracting human with its incomprehensible magical power from ancient times. In today's world, this element represents a candle. Candlelight all perceives more sincere, brighter, warmer: music, poetry, words of love, words of revelation ...

One by one, were born small masterpieces - handmade candles, able to beautify life. But a year later it seemed to us that it is was not enough. Step by step, quivering candle flame and wick, like a magic Ariadne's thread, led us to create a candle studio and online store at its basis, which could be implemented not only to the desire for beauty, to your hobby, to the possibility of joint work with your child, we achieved more. We have created a model of a wonderful family (home) business, giving not only the opportunity to show someone's сreative impulse, but also create an additional source of income for many people very significant already.