Candle in orange


For candle in orange we need the following materials: paraffin, wick, wick holder, dyes, orange, 2 pots (one larger and one smaller) or pan + bank.

Step 1. Melting the candle mass. Paraffin should melt in a water bath on low heat so that it does not overheat. Water should not boil. You can use a thermometer. The temperature of the wax should be about 75 degrees. To make pure paraffin candles, you can add 10-20% of stearin. Stearin gives the hardness to candle. It will not be afraid of heat and deform ( this is especially true for thin candles), as well as it less "crying" when burning. If you use paraffin glassware, be careful about bursting. Place a towel under the bank, and place it in a pan before, when the water is cold, so that the bank be heated gradually.

Свеча в апельсине Свеча в апельсине

Step 2. Extract the pulp from the orange . The peel must be dried for candle be more durable. If you do not dry the peel, the candle should burn the next 2-3 weeks, it can not be stored any longer. Set the wick, soaked in paraffin at the bottom jf the orange. For this we use a special holder. It is important to choose the right wick. Важливо правильно підібрати гніт. It is important to choose the right wick. If the candle flames and smokes too much, so the wick is too thick and did not have time to burn through, and if the candle "is choking" in paraffin, gradually fades, so the wick is too thin.

свеча в апельсине Свеча в апельсине

Step 3. Add the dyes and fragrances. When the paraffin is almost melted, it's time to add the dye. If you use our dyes, it is enough only 2-3 grams per 1 kg of paraffin. I added my candle mandarin essential oil. Now, according to the manufacturer of oils, my candle cures headaches, improves appetite, improves mood and sensitivity;)

свеча в апельсине Свеча в апельсине

Step 4. Fill in our candle mass to the orange.

Свеча в апельсине

The finished candle can be decorated with cloves.

Свеча в апельсине


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