Plastic candle mold - Egg (Ø 44✕55 mm)

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Description ➤ Molds for candles "egg"

We offer you the mold "Egg" for the candles manufacture. All forms (besides the pyramids) have a removable lid, which considerably facilitates the candle extraction from the mold. The molds are made from heat-resistant plastic. Further detailed information about how to work with our molds, can be found in the section "Master Classes".

General guidelines for working with molds:

  • For frost effect on candles the optimum temperature for pouring wax is 62-65° C
  • For a smooth candle the wax should be poured at the temperature of 80-85° C

To have no problems with removing the candles from the mold, use one of the following methods:

  1. It is necessary to process the mold with a separator: with silicone grease or a vegetable oil.
  2. If you have not processed the mold before pouring, and have your candle stuck in the mold, place the form to the freezer for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Another way to "kick out" the candle from the mold is to knock gently this mold at the edge of a table or with a hammer.
  4. Be sure to wait until the candle is hardened perfectly.
Options ➤ Molds for candles "egg"
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Molds for candles "egg", Size: Ø 44✕55 mm
Ø 44✕55 mm
In stock
90.00 грн
Molds for candles "egg", Size: Ø 60✕90 mm
Ø 60✕90 mm
In stock
132.00 грн
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Bought this product Size: Ø 44✕55 mm customer since 4 months, 5 orders
Все вийшло чудово!
Bought this product Size: Ø 44✕55 mm
Ось такі яйця в мене вийшли з цієї форми)
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