Gel candle "sea"


Marine candle we need: candle gel, wick, wick holders, decorative sand, shells, glass vase, glass or bank 2 pots (one larger and one smaller) or pan + bank.

Step 1. We shall melt our candle gel. The gel should be drown in a water bath, over medium heat, as it may not overheat. The water should not boil. You can use a thermometer. The temperature of gel should be around 75 degrees. If you use a glass dish, be careful it does not burst. Using the bank take a towel and set it in a pan until the water is cold for the bank be gradually heated.

Гелевая свеча «пиво»

Step 2. If there is a need, wash and dry the bank. Then soak your wick in paraffin and let it be cooled. Use the special holder for the wick. As for gel You should better take thick wick, because gel burns 5 times more, than that of paraffin. Set some sand, shells and beads to the bottom of the bank.

Гелевая свеча «морская» Гелевая свеча «морская» Гелевая свеча «морская»

Step 3. Fill the melted gel into our bank. If the candle is slightly grown turbid, do not worry, in a few days it will pass through. This is due to overheating. If you want to avoid small air bubbles, put it in the ovened for a few minutes. Since the gel will solidify and bubbles will rise. Not recommended to keep gel candles in the sun.

Гелевая свеча «морская»

Here is the bottom of the sea I have got!

Гелевая свеча «морская»

Гелевая свеча «морская»


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