Candle with bleached edges


For candles with clarified edges we need the following materials: paraffin, wick, dyes, candle shape, 2 pots (one larger and one smaller) or pan + bank.

Step 1. Melting the candle mass. Paraffin should melt in a water bath on low heat so that it does not overheat. Water should not boil. You can use a thermometer. The temperature of the wax should be about 75 degrees. To make pure paraffin candles, you can add 10-20% of stearin. Stearin gives the hardness to candle. It will not be afraid of heat and deform ( this is especially true for thin candles), as well as it less "crying" when burning. If you use paraffin glassware, be careful about bursting. Place a towel under the bank, and place it in a pan before, when the water is cold, so that the bank be heated gradually.

Свеча с осветленными краями Свеча с осветленными краями

Step 2. Prepare the form while paraffin melts. To remove the ready candle easily, the form must be lubricated with oil or You are to place it to freezer for at about 20 minutes. Set the wick in the form. It is important to choose the right wick. If the candle flames and smokes too much, so the wick is too thick and did not have time to burn through, and if the candle "is choking" in paraffin, gradually fades, so the wick is too thin.

Свеча с осветленными краями Свеча с осветленными краями

Step 3. The unpainted candle mass must be filled in the form. Give a little cool.

Свеча с осветленными краями

Step 4. Paraffin freezes around the edges, a few minutes later we merge uncured paraffin into the bahk.

Свеча с осветленными краями

Step 5. When the paraffin is almost melted, it's time to add the dye. If you use our dyes, it is enough only 2-3 grams per 1 kg of paraffin. Up on Your wish, you can give different scents to your candle. For that add a few drops of essential oil or flavoring in melted paraffin.

Свеча с осветленными краями

Step 6. Fill the colored candle mass to our form. Now you have to be patient and wait until the candle will harden. Do not be in a hurry and do not cool it in refrigerator, it can lead to the formation of cavities inside the candle. Let your candle harden at room temperature. If there formed a crater around the wick, You can fill it with paraffin or align the roughness on the hot surface. Another option: You can eliminate the funnel with the help of hairdryer. This method is suitable for small and thick candles. Hot air softens the top layer of paraffin and smoothes it surface. This should be done before you pull out a candle from the mold.

Свеча с осветленными краями

Step 7. We take out the candle from the mold. If you did not grease mold before pouring paraffin with oil, then you may have a difficulty removing it from the mold. Put the candle for 20 minutes to the freezer and it will easily "jump out" from the mold. Then you can decorate the candle according to Your desire: add beads, ribbons and other decorations.

Свеча в апельсине


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